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Priority Projects

You are invited to check out the video to hear more about the Priority Projects from the board. You can read about the details in the sections below to learn more about the HVAC, carpets, and a general financial health update to give you a context for making a giving commitment.

HVAC For Main Building

PNC is given a significant advantage for ministry and mission through its campus. In 1997-1999 the main facility was completely reimagined and rebuilt.  The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system installed then has run beyond its life expectancy. Now is the time to replace the system at the bid of $190,000.

The good news is that the congregation’s generous giving through Covid enabled us to pay half of that amount ($95,000) to get the project started this month (March). We request the congregation to pray, asking God what each should contribute beyond their regular giving of tithes and offerings to meet the remaining $95,000 needed around the end of June 2023.

Remaining Flooring

The flooring in the 1997-1999 rebuild has lasted amazingly! In 2021-22 we replaced about 50% of the old carpet. This was part of an update for the sanctuary, lobby, and hallways. The downstairs classrooms and offices, and second-level rooms, remain to be done. The estimated cost is $60,000. We would like to complete the flooring update before it completely wears out. PNC’s facility is generously used not only for our own church but also for other ministries that impact the city for good. 

The HVAC is obviously the most urgent, so it is first. The flooring is also important because of its visibility. 

Thank you for joining the pastoral staff and church board in giving above your regular giving. We have a wonderful facility, and we want to steward it well. Please pray for the success of this funding campaign.  All we have belongs to God. 

My Commitment To PArticipate

See the pledge form below. This helps us know what to anticipate in your extraordinary giving in the remainder of 2023. You may give by check (PNC-Priority Projects) or electronically through the PNC App or Website ( Make sure to include the designation “Priority Projects—HVAC,” and consider helping us further by checking the box that covers the 2.2% for card fees. Thank you!

Priority Projects 2023. HVAC & Flooring

PNC's Financial Health

So many people gave extravagantly a couple of decades ago to build our current main facility. And so many others gave extraordinary gifts to remodel the gym's children and youth sections and completely pay off the 22-year mortgage to begin 2020 debt-free! Now we can participate in this Priority Project to help keep the facility functional.

Being debt-free allows us to continue addressing our campus's ongoing maintenance needs. 


Here is some information about PNC’s financial health:


Through the generous giving of tithers and regular givers, PNC can keep a fund balance that acts as an emergency fund that would cover about two months' worth of expenses.


We have also been able to begin to set aside some funds ($70,000) for future big items coming in the next couple of years. These projects include major repairs to our north and east parking lots.

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