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pastoral profile


  • Pulpit skills (preaching/teaching/evangelism) - a good balance of expository and topical preaching.

  • Prayerful - a person of prayer who models and embodies an alive, exciting relationship with God.

  • Servant heart - longs to follow God and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  • Wise - discerning and able to help facilitate reconciliation, healing and unity among attenders who call PNC home.

  • Worship (weekend services/seasonal events) - helps staff team create an inspiring environment for all ages.


  • Leadership (sets the direction and vision for the future) - works with staff and lay leaders to implement vision.

  • Administrative (building staff team/overseeing budget and leadership board/implementing effective structures) - recognizes the skills, abilities, and potential of staff team and congregants and empowers them to fulfill ministry to PNC and the surrounding community through their gifts.

  • Motivator (personable/outgoing/intergenerational) - relates well to any age.

  • Pastoral Care (Weddings/Funerals/Counseling/visitation—hospital or homebound) - welcomes the opportunity to lovingly care for people with a welcoming smile, a trusting nature and a warm, encouraging personality.


  • Empathy (understanding the emotions and needs of others)

  • Humility (elevates others/displays selflessness)

  • Respectful (active listener/shows kindness and dignity)


  • Mentor (Discipler) - guides, invests in, and shares knowledge, skills, and experiences of others.

  • Community Involvement (Community-minded) - values partnering with local schools, support agencies, area churches, and parachurch organizations.

  • Global Ministry (Nazarene missions and parachurch organizations) - finds ways to involve PNC congregants in worldwide missions opportunities.

  • Hispanic Ministry - supports this essential PNC ministry and mentors/disciples Pastor David Rocha.

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